Vicon Forming Calculator

Material Specifications
Material Type
Material Designation
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Vee Die Forming
1. Material Thickness Recommended
(Air Bend)
(Bottom Bend)
2. Die Opening      
3. Die Radii      
4. Punch Radius      
  Length of Bend      
5. Bend Angle      
Forming Calculations
6. Punch Into Die Penetration   Punch & Die Diagram
7. Bend Allowance  
  Blank Allowance  
  Neutral Axis  
  Air Forming Tonnage (US)  
  Bottom Forming Tonnage (US)  
  Gooseneck Punch Tonnage (US) (Max)  
  Strait Punch Tonnage (US) (Max)  
8. Minimum Flange  


Vee Die Forming Box Depth Forming Calculations
Box Depth Punch Type 45/45 (Standard tooling) 30/60
Ram Thickness Punch Height 0.000 0.000
    Rear Angle


Rolling Forming Calculations
Pipe Wall Flat Stretch Out 0.000
Pipe O.D. Neutral Axis %
Pipe I.D. 0.000    

Disclaimer: There are factors in the formulas that may not match your forming characteristics, use at your own risk.