Spiral Pipe Plasma Cutter

Spiral Pipe Plasma Cutting System

VICON Spiral Pipe Plasma Cutting System

The Vicon Spiral Pipe Cutting System is the ideal solution for plasma cutting round pipe and spiral duct up to 10’ long -- ranging in size from 6” to 60” diameter and in thickness from 26 to 16 gauge. Vicon’s patent pending technology has the ability to end trim, miter and cut various shaped holes for precise location of tap connections, branches, elbows and register grills.

Vicon’s ViSoft Spiral Pipe Software generates the desired cutting parameters and controls the longitudinal movement of the plasma torch, as well as the rotation of the pipe that is held by a rotational pipe chuck. The software not only generates patterns and shapes, but also has the ability to add allowances that increase or reduce the shape and pattern size for allowing connections either to or from other pipes or items.

Features & Benefits
  • ViSoft incorporates a Pipe Fittings Library including Pipe Ends, Pipe Tap and elbows
  • The Pipe Elbow Fitting will cut gore elbows out of Spiral Pipe
  • The Pipe Ends Fitting will allow for cutting the ends of the pipe with mitered or tap-in patterns
  • The pipe can be trimmed at one or both ends as well as cut into various lengths
  • The Pipe Tap Fitting allows various shaped cutouts to be cut at any position along the pipe
  • The software allows the user to manually place holes, miters, coping or trim cuts on the pipe at any given angle
  • The program produces labels for round and spiral pipe
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system or can be tied into an existing Vicon plasma cutting system