HVAC 510-SL Liner Cutting Table

Duct Liner Cutting System

HVAC 510-SL Liner Cutting Table

Vicon Liner Cutting Systems save considerable time and cost by eliminating the labor-intensive manual liner cutting. The new Vicon patented process automates duct liner cutting, making it clean, dry, fast, smokeless and accurate. In addition, liner waste is greatly reduced adding to the increased profits.


All liner cutting machines include the latest Vicon HVAC Cutting Software Program, which is developed and maintained by our experienced team of dedicated in-house programmers. This Windows® based, menu driven program is user friendly and easy to learn. Full Rectangular, Round, Oval and Geometric Parts libraries as well as the powerful Vicon CAD program are included. This software is capable of downloading job data to and from other controller software, and it is fully compatible with the optional touch screen monitor.


With the patented Bar Code Scanning option, sorting problems are a thing of the past. Coordinating the flow of sheet metal and duct liner through the shop is made much simpler and faster. Sheet metal parts are scanned, and the machine is automatically programmed to produce the corresponding downsized duct liner. Superior true-shape nesting minimizes waste.

Features & Benefits
  • Economical, stand-alone machine dedicated to cutting duct liner in low and high volume shops
  • For users with existing plasma cutting systems that need additional liner cutting capability
  • Available in table sizes: 5'x10', 5'x20', 6'x10', 6'x20'
  • Patented systems to hold and cut duct liner. (Patent # 6,540,456)
  • Vicon HVAC Cutting Software with automatic liner downsizing
  • Synthetic table surface for smooth liner cutting
  • Dual rack and pinion drive on both axes for greater positioning accuracy
  • Aluminum gantry results in "low inertia" for greater part accuracy
  • Roller guides on both axes for greater rigidity, stability and accuracy
  • Traversing speed up to 2,000 inches per minute
  • Non-lubricating gears and bearings
Effective Cutting Area (Standard)
Machine Length   144"
Machine Width (Standard)
Table Height   35"